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Sweelinckplein, The Hague
1 Raad van State Gardens, Paleisstraat

A beautiful, quiet garden with lush green hide-outs, where you can sit on comfortable
wooden benches out of the wind, in the sun.

2 Panorama view from the dunes, dunes near Savornin Lohmanlaan
After a short climb up the dunes you are rewarded with a splendid view of 'the beautiful city behind the dunes' , as The Hague is often called.

3 Kattenbak, dunes near Fuutlaan
A sandy playground (literally 'Cat Box') in the middle of the dunes. Well hiden in the bushes and therefore very quiet.

4 Noordeinde Palace Gardens, Prinsessewal
Opened every day from sunrise to sundown, except when the Queen hosts high profile guests in the Palace. The gardens are surrounded by the Palace buildings, Royal stables and Royal Archives.

5 Back garden of Gemeentemuseum, inbetween Cathsheuvel and Omniversum Theatre
A quiet hangout next to the Gemeentemuseum, that was designed by the famous architect Berlage. Close at hand you will find Brasserie Berlage, for a nice cup of coffee or good lunch.

6 The 'Celestial Vault' in the rubble dunes near Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan
In the middle of the manmade rubble dunes at Kijkduin, American artist James Turrell created a huge bowl to gaze at the sky. This so-called 'Celestial Vault' or 'Hemels Gewelf' is 30 meters wide and 40 meters long.

7 Around the lighthouse, Scheveningen
Although the red lighthouse is one of Scheveningen's landmarks it is not crowded with tourists. In fact, hardly anyone makes the effort to walk up. If you do you can always find a bench out of the wind, no matter how hard it blows. From here yo have an excellent view of Scheveningen harbor, village, the beach and sea.

8 Cemetary 'Ter Navolging' at the corner of Duinstraat, Scheveningen
A small, well hidden cemetary in Scheveningen. Famous Dutch figures like Betje Wolf, Aagje Deken (writers) and Groen van Prinsterer (politician) are buried here.

9 Sorghvliet Park, Scheveningseweg
Tucked away behind overgrown and weathered brick walls and right next to the Scheveningseweg lies this beautiful park. Contrary to what many people think, it is open to the public and not part of the Catshuis Estate, the official residence of the prime minister.


Mauritshuis, The Hague



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