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Original guided bicycle tours
If you want to explore The Hague on a bike with English speaking guides, Totzo! is the place to go. We organise original tours like the Hague Delicacies Tour, the beat music inspired Sixties-tour or The Hague City Tour.
Dutch site about cycling and bicycles. Not in English.
Interesting and informing website about the city and all it has to offer.
Dutch site from a company that is specialised in organising events. Not in English.
Site of a The Hague based bicycle courier. Not in English.
Photo site in English with professional photographs of cyclists and/or bicycles. The pictures on our website were made by
Dutch site that tells you all about renting a bicycle in the Netherlands and Belgium. Not in English.




15 historical sites

you have to see in the Hague.

Sites for coffee lovers

Today The Hague is home to some of the top Baristas (real pros at preparing espresso-based coffees) in the Netherlands.

9 wel hidden places

See if you can find some of these well hidden places that most citizens of the Hague are unaware of.

5 x gourmet picnic in The Hague

Here are five places where you can find delicious foods and drinks to put in your picnic basket.

Memorable routes

These are routes with an intriguing story behind them. Follow them and find out.

Links of interest

Guided Tours

Everyday special guided Tours. The best way to explore The Hague.